Scientific Team

Meet the team!

Dr. Kennedy heads a team of researchers holding advanced degrees and credentials in Human Factors, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Safety, and Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

Robert S. Kennedy, Ph.D., CPE

Dr. Robert S. Kennedy is the founder and President of RSK Assessments, Inc. He brings a tradition of hard work, strong scientific principles, and a drive to make the world better through examining human abilities as they exist and behave in this technological era of change.


Robert C. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Dr. Kennedy is a Scientist and Chief Operations Officer. His experience in safety, operations and production has transitioned into applied research in areas including human work performance, safety attitudes and behaviors, work motivation, and technology management.


Susan Lanham Kennedy, MSIE.

Mrs. Kennedy has conducted human factors studies funded agencies such as NSF, NIH, NASA, and by the US Army and Navy. Her experience includes conducting, organizing, supervising, and designing human-computer interaction experiments in perception, cognition and virtual reality experiments.


Daniel E. Compton, BS

Mr. Compton is experienced with a wide variety of computer-related tasks.� He� is familiar with several programming languages (including BASIC, C/C++, Fortran, HTML, Java, Pascal, and 8086/88 assembly) and operating systems (DOS, Netware, Unix/Linux, and Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003).�

Patrick M. Smith, BA

Mr. Smith has acquired expertise in mini- and microcomputer architectures and operating systems, high level and assembler languages, real-time simulation, man-machine interfaces, process control, data base design and implementation, instructional system design and implementation, laser noncontact marking, and synthetic speech research and development.