About Us

RSK Assessments, Inc. was founded and is currently headed by Dr. Robert S. Kennedy. He has over 40 years of research, system acquisition and management experience, and has successfully managed more than three dozen major projects in the past 15 years with agencies including NIH (NIAAA), NIH (NIA), NSF, NASA (ISC) and DoD. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida and has strong formal relationships with at least 15 specialists from various fields who are members of universities and institutes across the United States and abroad. RSK Assessments currently resides at 4401 E. Colonial Dr., STE 105, Orlando, FL. Dr. Kennedy has been at this same office for 10 years. The office/laboratory is equipped with sophisticated display and test equipment, including laser control system prototypes, a two-meter vection drum for visual-vestibular interaction studies, an oscilloscope-based drive movement in depth task, an automated eye movement recording/analysis device for workload and biocybernetics projects and several other visual task apparatuses (e.g., dynamic visual acuity), which are located in the 400 square foot laboratory area.  Many PC based computerized tests (>100) are fully up and running in-house. Posture, eye movement and bioelectric measurement capability is also available.

RSK Assessments’ in-house library contains more than two dozen scientific journal subscriptions and over 40,000 scientific reprints in behavioral and neuroscience area and is maintained by a part-time resident librarian knowledgeable in human factors terminology. We further have access to numerous online databases in which many articles are now available in full-text format. Our facilities are particularly well equipped for psychological experimentation in the areas of human performance, training, environmental stress, and motion sickness.