Current Applications

Forensics Psychology
Organizational Development
Assessment Technology


The office/laboratory is equipped with sophisticated display and test equipment, including laser control system prototypes, a two-meter vection drum for visual-vestibular interaction studies, oscilloscope and computer based drive movement in depth test stations, an automated eye movement recording/analysis for workload and biocybernetics projects and several other visual task apparatuses (e.g., dynamic visual acuity). Posture, eye movement and bioelectric measurement capability is also available.  See PROJECT LIST for details on specific projects.

Dr. Kennedy is a Certified Human Factors Ergonomist (#201, 15 December 1993). During the past 26 years, he and his support staff have provided human factors and forensics analysis in over� 1,000 incidents involving various types of human activities (vehicles, tools, machinery, and work places, etc.) Our scientific team members hold credentials in Ergonomics, Safety, and Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

Our Industrial/Organizational Group provides developmental services in areas including Performance Assessment, Productivity Assessment and Development, Motivational Assessment and Training, Sales Training, Personality Profiles and others.

Behavioral test batteries and associated technologies are available for use in laboratory and commercial settings. Products include the Automated Performance Test System (APTS), Simulator Sickness Questionnaire, RSKTools and others.