Getting Control of the Stimulus in Modern Human Factors Research

Robert S. Kennedy, Ph.D., CPE

RSK Assessments is a small research firm located in the heart of Central Florida. We conduct laboratory and field studies in the areas of Human Factors Engineering, Forensics Psychology, Human Testing and Performance Measurement, Environmental Stress, Safety, and Accident Reconstruction. We also develop and distribute multiple paper and pencil and computerized psychological test batteries in the areas of cognitive performance, temporal factors, motion and simulator sickness assessment. Our scientists hold advanced degrees in Human Factors Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Technology Management and Business Administration.

Dr. Robert S. Kennedy, Cdr., USN, Ret. is the founder and President of RSK Assessments, Inc. He brings a tradition of hard work, strong scientific principles, and a drive to make the world better through examining human abilities as they exist and behave in this technological era of change. He has over 48 years of experience in laboratory and field experimentation, 22 of which were the United States Navy where he served as an Aviation Experimental Psychologist.